Latest News


So last week we created our second winner! We offered a free prize draw to win another jar of sweets and after quite a lot of entries, our system auto generated and chose a winner.

After a rocky start to our operation we are gathering pace and having lots of people join our new business. We hope in the coming months to be able to offer customers the chance to win big.


This week sees the launch of our affiliates programme which allows people and companies to earn a flat line 50% commission on paid entries.  This is a unique opportunity for people and business to be a part of and one that we hope will propel our new found brand on the path to success.


At the time of writing this news the UK is on the brink a national disaster. The widespread global pandemic of Corona virus is slowly taking a grip of the world, which is causing panic amongst people. This is causing a serious strain on supply chains of tangible goods especially groceries. As our new brand offers a range of competitions that entail these kind of products, then we are currently looking at how we will source our products should the supply chain break.