Our New Website Is Ready

Well Its finally here! 

after months of endless testing, sleepless nights and a few kicks of the office door our new winning community is ready for our users. We have based our website on the designs we have come to love in the social media world! With features such as posting on a wall, adding video and photos of your world and sharing it with friends, family and strangers.


So whats new in our great new website? Not only can you share your world we have some nifty little features such as the ability to report misbehaving users or fake profiles! We also looked at how users can be protected against privacy breaches and having data potentially stolen. We decided to add a function that allows all post to be deleted automatically after 7 days almost like Snapchat! This allows us to keep down server running costs whilst protecting users from old data from leaking out onto the world wide web. Users have the ability to send offsite invites by email or even share content to social platforms

Future Plans!

As a new business we will be closely monitoring our operation and contentiously improving what we do. We have plans to develop our platform¬† and focus closely on giving users a great experience. We’re also looking at what different ways we can offer users discounts, on things like mobile phone bills, broadband, confectionery and more. We’re also looking at how we can allow businesses to operate on our platform and help them to make money by selling their own goods and services.

Mobile Device Applications!

Over the past months we have invested a lot of time in researching progressive web technologies. The advantage of progressive web apps are we can update them on the fly using our website. No need to have lots of operating systems with the huge headache of managing bugs. We believe progressive web apps are the future and will be further investing in the technology. We have set up Android and IOS web apps which are currently in review as we speak.