Our Very First Winner!

Competitions Launch

On the 11th February 2020, we decided after months of testing and legal advice to trial our very first competition. As this was a free competition, we asked entrants to pick a ticket number and await the competition to end. Once the competition ended our new system randomly picked a winner and informed them by email. For the winner they received a large tub of mega lollipops and delivered them directly to their door.

First Winner

Our first winner was local woman in Sunderland named Emily. She was more than happy with her prize, I mean why shouldn’t she be? It was absolutely free to enter and involved nothing but picking a number. Emily had her name displayed on the website under Recent Winners

Whats Next? 

So we plan to role out our new system over the coming months and help to create winners. We plan on making it easy for entrants to win. We don’t think a competition should have thousands of entrants. it offers little or no chance of winning so why bother entering! Our mission is to keep odds low as we possibly can, to give everyone a better chance of winning.

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